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We are changing the lives of 1000's of disabled and disadvantaged children in Burma (Myanmar) and elsewhere.

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Other Projects

Helping Street Kids

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We have joined with a group of Roman catholic nuns and priests in Mandalay to help the plight of hundreds of street kids by supporting a project to feed, educate and accommodate them.

Street Family

World Vision is also supporting this project but we are giving the additional funding needed to fulfil the project's potential.

Street Kids


Feeding Programmes

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Feeding Programme

We are funding a feeding program for hundreds of slum kids in the Pyin Oo Lwin area as well as feeding and clothing 500 girls in a Buddhist orphanage.

Feeding Programme

This is organised by Min Nyunt (Patrick) a Burmese businessman who runs the Golden Gate guesthouse and the San Francisco restaurant. In his spare time he is dedicated to improving the lives of local disadvantaged children. If you are visiting Myanmar do pay his establishment a visit and join in with feeding the children.

Feeding Programme


Aung's Story

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Aung comes from a family near Bagan which for generations has climbed palm trees to collect nuts. He was at school when his father, the only breadwinner in the family, fell out of a tree breaking his back. Aung was forced to leave education and carry on the family business to now support his father, mother and disabled sister. Shortly after taking over he had the same accident as his father, falling out of the tree and breaking his back.

Two years ago we heard about their plight and that the family were starving and living off the goodwill of their neighbours. We arranged for Aung to be brought to Yangon to the Starfish Centre leaving his father at the family home.

We took him to see specialists but the damage to his spine was inoperable. He has been living at the starfish centre getting daily physiotherapy treatment. Aung has persevered with hours of intensive exercise every day and is now able to hobble around with the aid of crutches.

We have been training him in basic computer skills and some administration tasks and he is now working for us and receiving a salary with which he can support the family.

Aung's Story


Myo Min

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Myo Min’s Story


In 2008 while visiting an orphanage Duncan found Myo Min. He was desperately ill and could hardly stand. He was abandoned as a baby and the person that found him took him to the orphanage run by monks who were so poor that they could not feed the children properly or pay for medical care.

Duncan arranged for him to be taken into the care of a nurse and then began a series of visits to specialists and many tests to find out what was wrong with him. He would regularly collapse and bleed profusely requiring blood transfusions. He was diagnosed as having hepatitis C, thalassaemia, a large hole in the heart and pulmonary hypertension.

A leading cardiologist pronounced that his condition was inoperable but that if he had been seen a few years earlier he could have had surgery which would have corrected his heart problem. The surgeon told Duncan that many patients were brought to him with similar conditions and that unless they were able to pay on average $1500 for hospital and operation costs (an unattainable amount of money for the majority of the population) that he had no option but to send them away, in many cases to die. Duncan replied “In future, contact us before sending any kids away and we will help to cover the costs”. This had led to over 30 life-saving heart operations.

Myo Min is on regular medication and has been cared for with great dedication by Nini and her staff at the Starfish centre. With good food and medical supervision he is continuing to improve. He is everyone’s favourite and has a particular affinity with all the disabled children - possibly because of how much he has suffered.


Above: Myo Min in 2008 (left) and looking much healthier in 2011 (right)

Myo Min in 2012-2014 Above: Myo Min with Duncan in 2012 (left) and Myo Min in November 2014 (right)

Myo Min in 2012-2014 Above: Myo Min in 2016


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