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We are changing the lives of 1000's of disabled and disadvantaged children in Burma (Myanmar) and elsewhere.

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Good Hope Boarding School


Good Hope Boarding School Classroom Good Hope School Building

Many students from remote areas finish primary school (grades 1-5) and while some go on to middle school (grades 6-9) there are very few high schools (grade 10-11) in rural areas so they are unable to complete their education. We run a boarding school for 64 high school students. We employ 2 full time mentors/teachers and 7 part-time teachers who give tuition after school and at weekends (all the students are enrolled at a nearby state high school). Each student’s family is asked to contribute £3 a month (where possible) towards their food and expenses. We also assist with travel expenses so that they can return to their village one weekend a month.

Good Hope Boarding School Good Hope School Building
Good Hope Boarding School Good Hope School Building

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